Evoco Artist Blender at Euridice Gallery - NYC

Friday, October 27
Art Making 6 PM - 8PM
Party 8pm - 2 AM EDT
Tickets required: https://planetmidori.ticketleap.com/10-27-2017/
Address provided up on ticket purchase

Midori is working on an ongoing project of physicalizing moments of irrational beauty and creating artifacts of the process of memory formation. This starts with her sculpting people with rope, flower arranging them, painting them, and using their bodies to create abstract imprints on paper. These are the artifacts of fleeting beauty; like dust left behind your hands when you try to catch a butterfly…. These shapes are beautiful and strange. They’re imperfect and distorted as memory. She will then work on these prints, embellish and alter them, like dreams retold over and over, to make scrolls of odd pleasures.


You have a part in this! We ask all guest to be fully present and engage mindfulness in sharing this. There are three choices... Be a Participating Artist, be an Art Lover Party Goer, be a VIP Patron of the Arts.

Participating Artist

Do you draw, photograph, paint, compose, sing, knit, video, design, or otherwise create? Please create with us! Bring your camera, easel, clay, yarn, or another medium (nothing with open flames!) and interpret my work. It would be lovely if you let us know how you plan to do this.

Bring your own supplies and tools.
Photographers & Video Artists: If you are photographing for publication, you must provide your own photo release for myself and my performer
Clean up your art area

Art Lover & Party Goer

Enjoy the evening of art and beauty with this unusual event. Then stay for the party after!

VIP Patron of the Arts.

Along with entry to this unique event, you'll be treated to...
- VIP seating with the best views
- Drinks & refreshments


You promise to leave your yesterday at the door.
You'll do your best to leave your tomorrow at the door.
You'll enjoy the company you bring and the new ones you meet.
You'll witness and take pleasure in the art being created before you.
You won't text, email, or make unrelated phone calls.
If the mood strikes you, make out.
If the mood strikes you, dance.
If the pleasure suits you, just sit and watch
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Info + Registration:


Start Date: 
Friday, October 27, 2017 - 18:00 to 23:59