D/s Relationships Passé? Should We Cease Passionate Bonds? plus… Classes & intensives in SF, NYC, Bklyn & Philly

  1. Keep or Kill It? It's Up to You. Passionate Bonds D/s Protocol & BDSM Relationship Weekend w Laura Antoniou & Midori (Dec 5-7)
  2. Midori's Upcoming Classes (San Francisco, NYC, Brooklyn, Philadelphia)
  3. Passionate Bonds D/s Protocol & BDSM Relationship Weekend w Laura Antoniou & Midori (Dec 5-7)
  4. Rope Dojo San Francisco. Jan 17-18, 2015
  5. Special Discount Early Registration Open! ForteFemme Women's Dominance Weekends NYC (Jan 30-Feb1), SF (Feb 20-22)
  6. My Online Hangouts


The award winning author Laura Antoniou and I lead a weekend intensive for people who want to mindfully create passionate, powerful and healthy D/s relationships. It's called Passionate Bonds: Creative D/s Protocol & Relationships The next one is scheduled for the first weekend of December.

Perhaps the interest is waning for hierarchical non-traditional relationships and the work required to create and foster it… Perhaps there's change in interest.. Perhaps a party is what's desired more. For what ever reason the registration is slow. As such, Laura and I are contemplating if it's time to end this intensive.

If 5 more people register between now and October 30th, we will continue this program and the December weekend. If not, we have decided to cease offering the program all together.

Here's the situation, in Laura's words…

"Passionate Bonds is why I write stories.

Not in a linear sense, I wrote stories way before Midori and I stared at each other after an hour or five of expressing our increasing frustration over teaching what I call "relationship classes" at conferences, in dungeons, and in friendly sex toy and leather shops. There was no way, we kept saying, that these complicated topics could be addressed in 90 minutes, allowing time for questions as well. How to discover who you were and what you wanted, how to express these things to a partner, how to really negotiate power and surrender, the dynamics of structure and the intricacies of etiquette and protocols. We stared at each other and realized we were talking about a whole weekend needed to even start the proper work on such a thing.

So, Passionate Bonds. Intense. Three days of exercises, thought puzzles, lectures and dialogs, soul searching, experimenting, developing. Intimate & isolated. Small groups, all united in purpose, if not experience, free from contests and fashion shows and shopping and parties. Free to describe what they wanted and their experiences without having to explain or defend.

Passionate Bonds, where Midori and I spent hours and days going over our material and honing, sharpening, so much that we could pass leadership and tasks back and forth as though it all came from a single source. And really, it did - a desire to create the ultimate space for people who loved the dance of dominance and submission to examine how to make it work. For them, uniquely.

So, Passionate Bonds. The hardest sell we've ever had to make. People in the BDSM scene spend thousands to attend sash events, buy clothes and toys, learn esoteric techniques in play. No evening at a party, pair of sexy boots or a stylish hand-made whip, no skill level at any kind of play will ever make, sustain or even save a relationship.

And Passionate Bonds, the sum of our passions and dreams and desires, designed for those who love the DS part of BDSM...remains undersold. Now, to the point where we need to consider just not offering it.

I don't know why it's such a hard thing to explain and fill. When I talk about it at events, in classes, online, there are always people swearing they would give vital organs to attend. But when the registration link goes up...silence.

I would like to keep teaching it. But if we don't see a sustained interest, there's no point in planning, scheduling, advertising. Midori can do any one of a number of different projects. I can stay home and write.

But it would be a shame. And one which I'll have a hard time understanding something. The next time I squeezed a weekend's worth of highlights into a 90 minute class packed to the walls, trying to answer at least one or two people when they could have had me AND Midori for that entire weekend, to ask whatever they wanted, to share their experiences and offer their own insights, to be with people who wanted very similar things...

I'd wonder why they never took that opportunity. And feel, again, that I am doing something that isn't what it should be.

So, Passionate Bonds. If you see relationships of power, romance, surrender, and grace as something that can't be managed with a class on play piercing or a few tips from one person's style, then it was designed for you. If you are trying to recapture the connection in an established relationship or adding complexity for your pleasure, or even if you're just starting out, then it was designed for you. If you are tired of one-true-way and people telling you what's real and what's not, and how to do DS "right" and what the "proper" protocols are, then...Passionate Bonds was designed for you.

And this might be the last time you might consider investing in it. Or else the only thing left of it will be stories of what it was like by those who did." - Laura Antoniou, author of the Marketplace series & The Killer Wore Leather

I've posted the registration details of the Passionate Bonds weekend below, in section #3. We await your input and decisions.

With love and lunacy,


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2. UPCOMING CLASSES (San Francisco, NYC, Brooklyn, Philadelphia)


• Thr 10/23. 7pm "Hands-on Rope Body Harness"
• Sat 11/1. 6pm "Rope: Control & Dominance Moves"
• Sun 11/2. 5pm "Blushing & Squirming: Humiliation Play-The Why & The How"


• Wed 11/12 "How to Create Amazing Rope Scenes: Get in to Their Heads" at Purple Passion
• 11/14-11/16 ForteFemme: Women's Dominance Weekend Intensive Sold Out! Sign up for the waiting list or for the next course in January, 2015.
• 11/17-11/20 & 11/26-11/26 Private Instructions available. Why not learn in depth with personalized focus and instructions on topics you want? Contact me directly.


• Thr 11/13 "All Tied Up! Heart of Shibari: Japanese Rope Bondage with Midori" at Shag


• Fri 11/21 Performing at the Diabolique Ball!! Come see me make beauties into gorgeous rope wrapped mysteries!

Classes brought to you by Passional Boutique

• Sat 11/22 1pm "Rope: Control & Dominance Moves (A Rope Dojo Elective)"
• Sat 11/22 5pm "Flogging: Amazing Hands on Training"
• Sun 11/23 1pm "JoyStick Secrets: How to Thrill a Man"
• Sat 11/23 5pm "Best Kink Advice Nobody Told You"

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3. Passionate Bonds Weekend: Creating Effective D/S Protocols & BDSM Relationships

If we receive 5 more registrations between now and October 29th, this event will continue. Otherwise we will close this event for good and not offer it again.

Registeration & Info: PassionateBonds.com

Laura Antoniou and I are teaming up again to bring you this amazing weekend.

Learn how to create customized protocols and etiquette that work effectively for your unique relationship. Discover how to design protocol that enrich and strengthen your D/s or M/s relationship, and serve well through all aspects in your everyday life. By the end of the weekend you will have in your hands your own customized protocol manual as well as skills necessary to nourish a sustainable and fulfilling power exchange relationship.

Whether you are already in a relationship or are seeking one in the future, you'll gain powerful tools.

  • When: December 5 - 7, 2014
  • Where: Center for Sex Positive Culture, 1349 Mission St. San Francisco CA 94103
  • Cost: $400 / first person. $300 / each additional person

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4. ROPE DOJO (Jan 17-18, 2015) SAN FRANCISCO

Rope Dojo logo Registration now open!

Info & Registration RopeDojo.com

Space Limited: 30 students
Cost: $450 /solo $775/pair

Instruction hours: 10am - 7pm both days

Confidence, skill, speed, beauty, intensity, deeper connection, presence and amazing scene control - learn how to make your rope play hotter and better with Rope Bondage Dojo. Now in its 13th year, experience this immersive and balanced training focusing on "Heart-Mind-Hand" approach and the Rope Dojo philosophy.

17+ hours of intensive rope education from five experienced Dojo Cadres. A weekend for all rope players, for those who tie and those who are tied.

Includes free admission to the Saturday night party "Rope, Smut & Popcorn Social", graduation gift goodies, lunches, morning & afternoon snacks

Curriculum and FAQ at RopeDojo.com

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Don't miss the special early registration rate!
Info & Registration ForteFemme.com
Space Limited: 9 students


ForteFemme logo

When: Friday, January 30th through Sunday, February 1st, 2015
Where: New York City. Luxury 2,000 sq ft private loft in the Flatiron district


  • Early registration $850/per woman. (ends November 5th, 2014)
  • Standard registration $950/per woman. (from November 6th, 2014 to January 15th, 2015)
  • Last Minute registration $975/per woman. (from January 16th, 2015)


ForteFemme logo

When: Friday, February 20th through Sunday, February 22nd, 2015

Where: Elegant private loft in the South of Market (SoMa) area


  • Early registration $850/per woman. (through November 10th, 2014)
  • Standard registration $950/per woman. (from Novemeber 11th, 2014 to February 13th, 2015)
  • Last Minute registration $975/per woman. (from February 15th, 2015)

To all the wonderful women out there - Be the best dominant you can be!
Find your authentic power, erotic fulfillment, confidence and skills in this unique and transformative intensive.

Experience 3 days of personalized education, psychology, support, technique and more, all in an elegant private setting. Includes a field trip of kinky shopping and a lovely dinner.
Original material workbook. Meals and refreshments

Registration & Info: www.ForteFemme.com
Sponsored by: The Stockroom , the Pleasure Chest & Mr. S. Leather & Purple Passion

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