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A Tiny Fairytale

"Once upon a time, in a kingdom far far away, a handsome woman and a kindly man fell into love forbidden. 

They bore a baby of unusual hue. There in the father's country, the child grew strong and bright. 

But her fairy grandmother had cast a spell upon her. The spell of opened eyes. Others called this spell a curse.

The child grew seeing with open eyes that her fathers people did not like her hue. They said she was an abomination. 

They said she was invisible. 

"But I am the most glorious hue!" She declared, bravely hiding the hurt. 

She felt alone. 

One day, when she was just barely tall enough to meet the gaze of the unseeing, she boarded a ship and sailed far far away. 

You see, the fairy grandmother had told her of a great land beyond the gray clouds, where people of many glorious hues walked proud. A land where they believed in opened eyes and fought against invisibility and other such poisons. 

The child was happy. 

She found others who cast spells - grew to learn to own magic and set up shop. 

She met another one of different hue & found love. 

The child was happy. 

But one day, a storm came over the great land, a storm that had come before. 

It blew poison into the hearts of many. They turned to those of different hues and said they caused the storm and dark and all things terrible. They said that the opened eye magic was bad longer for days of glory that never were. 

The child remembered the old hurt. 

The child cried. 

But this time, she vowed not to leave on yet another ship to a land far far away. 

You see, this time she knew she was not alone."

So, dear friends, what happens next?

with love and lunacy,


NYC Nov 3

Denver Daze
Thr. Nov 17 

"Art of Feminine Dominance"

Open to All Genders, Orientation & Experience.
Partner attendance Encouraged

~ ~ ~

Fri. Nov 18

"Heart of Shibari: Japanese Rope Bondage"

Special Intimate Class 

~ ~ ~

Sun. Nov 20

11am "Rope - Control & Dominance Moves"

2pm "Mapping Your D/s Archetype"


Make Hot Play Happen

More Sex. Hotter Play. Better Connection.

New Amazing Weekend

with Marcia B & Midori

Discover the secret to creating great scenes & even better sex

San Francisco ~ January 21 - 22

NYC ~ March 18 - 19

~ ~ ~ 
You’ve taken the classes and bought the toys. You’ve learned the techniques and acquired the tools. But no matter how much you learn, practice or fantasize, something just isn’t clicking. Playing with your partner is fun, but you know more is possible.

Other classes will teach you how to throw a flogger, tie someone up, or give a great blowjob. But how do you get a scene started? How do you know what your partner really wants? Can negotiation ever be hot? How do you get back on track when something goes wrong? And how do you stop worrying if you’re doing it right?

You know there’s something sexier, more fulfilling, more passionate… even transformational possible in your sex life and kink play. Now, how do you get there?

Dallas flag

Dallas Pop-up Classes!

Mon. December 5.  6:30-8:30pm 

"Art of Feminine Dominance"

Open to All Genders, Orientation & Experience.

Partner attendance Encouraged

~ ~ ~

Tues. December 6.   6:30-8:30pm

"Rope - Control & Dominance Moves"

Pair attendance encouraged.

~ ~ ~

Location:   The Resource Center. 

5750 Cedar Springs Rd

Tickets: Advance Purchase Encouraged.

Tickets at Door based on availability.

Twisted Monk Curiosity Candles

Twisted Monk Curiosity Candles
Get your hot wax kink on!

I'm happy to share this launch special

from the good folks of Twisted Monk!

~ ~

SPECIAL PROMOTION for Friends of Midori 

Use code    WAXPLAY

for a free copy of the Toybag Guide to Wax Play with the purchase of three or more Curiosity Candles!

While supplies last. Limit one per customer. Offer expires 11:59pm Pacific Time,11/24/2016

~ ~ ~

"We're proud to announce the long awaited launch of our new Curiosity Candles! Made from low melt-point unscented 100% Paraffin wax and cosmetic grade skin-safe pigments, our Curiosity Candles are perfect for beginners and experienced wax players alike!

Hand-poured into refillable 3oz porcelain containers with a convenient pour spout, each candle provides enough wax for several light uses or a couple heavier scenes. Drip from a distance for artistic splatters, or nearer the body for stronger sensation. Refills sold separately."

~ ~ ~

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