December 30, 2006

Firehorse Productions, Inc. and Midori's Newsletter
December 30, 2006

Table of contents

1. Fire Dog to Fire Boar: Letter to my readers
2. Upcoming Classes & Events (SF, Boston, LA, Seattle, Dallas)
3. Bang 4 The Buck Women's Party in SF and Seattle!!!
4. Adventure report (Europe, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and more)
5. Because I'm a hopeless optimist - AIDS LifeCycle begins anew
6. Ask me anything at my Stockroom Forum. Or Peek Into My Private Life Via My Blog and MySpace.

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1. FIRE DOG TO FIRE BOAR: Year-end Letter to My Readers
According to the Eastern Zodiac, 2006 was the year of the Fire Dog. 2007 will be the year of the Fire Pig or Fire Boar.

(Technically the zodiac years begin at the Lunar New Year, but since Japan observes the Gregorian calendar now, it seems appropriate to approach of my year-end thoughts around my favorite heavenly system.)

As the earth's axis tilts and sun's rays shift its warmth and duration - whether to longer days or longer nights, depending on the hemisphere you're on - as holiday decorations get wrapped up and New Years party plans made - we turn to reflecting on the year past and gaze towards the year ahead.

The last year for me... I could as easily focus on all the projects unfinished, words unsaid, cracks and flaws of my life, but what's the point? Here's the reality...

My year has been blessed many fold... Creating friendships and alliances with remarkable people. Strengthening of my long-standing friendships with souls dear to me. Surge of creative drives and doors opening to facilitate that. Support by an amazing, loving and patient partner beside me.

I am blessed also by your support in what I do. You, my dear readers, allow me to follow my passion. Your support, notes and words of encouragement, questions and dialogues that keep my brain fresh, these influence the drive and inspiration for my books, classes and public work - you gift me the spark, which becomes the fire of so much of my work.

So as this year ends and another begins, I send you my gratitude with a deep bow.

I hope that the past year of the Wood Rooster brought you life's treasures. May the forthcoming year of the Fire Boar bring you prosperity, delight and peace.


= = = = =

2. UPCOMING CLASSES & EVENTS (SF, Boston, LA, Seattle, Dallas)

• Sun, 12/31, The Supper Club. Performance with triple suspension.
• Mon, 1/8/07, Class "CATALYTIC SCENES: Creating Scenes That Can Change Your Life" at QSM $25
• Tue, 1/9/07, Class "Erotic Role Play Games" at One Taste $10
• Thur, 2/1/07, Class "Mapping Your Dominant/Submissive Archetype". at .
• Sat, 2/3/07, Annual women's Srip-o-Rama and play party, Bang 4 The Buck, AIDS LifeCycle Fundraiser.
• Tue, 2/20, Class "Aural Sex: Seduction by Voice" at Good Vibrations
• Tue, 2/27, Class "Erotic Humiliation Play" at The Citadel. $20

1/26/07 - 1/28/07. Boston Fetish Fair Fleamarket.
•· Class "Hands-on Rope Body Harness"
• Class "Catalytic Scenes"
• Class "Kinky Japan Revealed"
•· Book signing for Circlet Press
• Hosting the Bondage Lounge
• Mon, 1/29. Class "Aural Sex: Seduction by Voice" at Good Vibrations,
• Wed 1/31. Class for Massachusetts Bondage

• Mon 2/5/07, Class "Erotic Role Play for Couples" at The Pleasure Chest $30
• Tue 2/6, Class "Hands-on Rope Bondage" at The Pleasure Chest. $30
• Wed 2/7, Class "Sex Bondage for Couples" at The Pleasure Chest $30
• Thr 2/8, Class "Shiny, Slippery and Sexy: Latex Pleasures" at Syren.
• Sat 2/10, Class "Joy Stick Secrets: How to Please Your Man" at Babeland FREE
• Sat 2/10, Possible presentation for LA RAWW, a women's kink group.

• Sat 2/17. Noon to 2pm. Class "How to Top" at the Wet Spot, Sex Positive Community Center.
• Sat 2/17. 3pm to 5pm. Class "Fun with Naughty Bits: Genital Play with Men and Women" at the Wet Spot, Sex Positive Community Center.
• Sat 2/17. 7pm to 9pm. Class "Wrapped for Pleasure: Sex Bondage" at Babeland. $60/couple
• Sun 2/18, Annual women's Srip-o-Rama and play party, Bang 4 The Buck, AIDS LifeCycle Fundraiser.

• 2/23 - 2/25 South Plains Leatherfest
• Sun, 2/25 Performance at The Church

= = =

San Francisco. Saturday, Feb 3.
Seattle. Sunday, Feb 18.

The sexy, notorious women's party makes its annual return to San Francisco and Seattle. This wild party with a heart of gold, where all proceeds goes to AIDS Lifecycle, draws a huge number of women each year. There's a free strip lesson for butches and femmes by the incomparable Ms. Indigo Blue. Scream and cheer or grind away to the no-holds-barred amateur strip contest. Put your self on the market with Auntie Midori's Meat Market or the Sign-off game. Use the Ambassadors to help you meet a fun play pal. Tons of raffle prizes, silent art auction and goodies. Wicked lube wrestling from ID Lube.

** Volunteers needed! Can you help flyer? Work a one-hour shift at the party? Get in for free and get the insider benefit. Send e-mail to:
Sponsored by:, International Ms. Leather,, Desire Leather Women, The Pleasure Chest, Good Vibrations,,, ID Lube, The Citadel SF,, Fire Horse Productions, Inc

= = =
4. ADVENTURE REPORT (Warning. This is long.)
Has it really been nearly 3 months since my last newsletter? It's sure been a busy fall tour season. Let me share some of the highlights, but I know I'll miss a lot of the great details. From the daily nitty-gritty and goofy photos, please feel free to drop by my LiveJournal blog. I've listed the URL later in this newsletter.

Folsom Street Fair was a blast as usual! This year I had my first major photo exhibition concurrently, titled "BeefCake by CheeseCake". Slowly I've been growing my portfolio of erotic male images, some in rope and some not. It's been a pleasure to work on this project. Several of the images later appeared at the photo show in Melbourne and at the Visual AID exhibition at SOMArts Gallery. They'll also be appearing in the upcoming Skin Two magazine.

Off to London! The whirlwind weekend of Rubber Ball consumed my life with shows at Torture Garden and Rubber Ball with Kumi, classes at the Expo, and pervy, rubber clad party after party. I got to be a tentacle monster cyborg for the TG party, courtesy of Vex Design. Kip and I threw our usual private pre-madness house party - where I got to lounge about with many of my dear friends that had flocked into town for the crazed fetish frenzy! For those interested in the London Fetish parties, I've posted a link to my article on them at the end of this section.

Classes at Coco De Mer went well. I'll be returning in May for another series of classes. I even had a chance to teach a group of ladies on how to blow their husband's minds, at a private country club in an estate in Bath. What a fun contrast to teach sucking skills and stoking tips in the middle of a setting worthy of a Jane Austin film. In between the classes and functions, I partied with friends and enjoyed my secret hideaway and my pals there. I just wished that the exchange rates were better. I couldn't do any shopping, what so ever!

After London I hopped over to my beloved Vienna for classes at the Cafe, organized by Adrienne, and time shared with dear friends. Vienna is my eternal crush. But tragically I caught the Rubber Ball stomach flu. I spent the entire trip to Vienna, unable to eat, violent diarrhea and wild fever fluctuations. My friends were so sweet to me. And thank goodness for the home cooked soups at Cafe. That kept me, quite literally, coherent and hydrated. I did manage a bit of sight seeing. And I got a cool new camera, the Lomo 120 degree panorama camera. I've been having fun with that! It's a film camera, so eventually I'll scan my snaps from them and post it on my blogs.

After only a couple of days in San Francisco, I was in Montreal for classes and the weekend Rope Bondage Dojo intensive, organized by Montreal is a wonderfully naughty city where I love all the trouble I get into. I even got to attend Bianca Beauchamp and Martin Perreault's sexy house party. Their new book is absolutely gorgeous!

The 6-week tour of the Southern Hemisphere with its glorious summer began with me losing my engagement ring on the plane. I was crushed.
New Zealand is simply spectacular in all accounts. The nature is just breathtakingly gorgeous. The people are friendly. Outdoor activities abound. Southern Exposure invited me to present during their weekend conference in Christchurch. That's on the South Island. For those of use who had the pleasure to take part in this remarkable weekend, it was clear that we were part of leather history in the making. The New Zealand Fetish ball happened at the same time. It was the southern hemisphere debuted the Ohanami, or the Cherry Blossom Viewing, a slow, striking theatrical piece that Dave Robson designed for me. After it's success in SF, NY and London a few years back, it's great to bring it out again. The local performers were simply perfect for the show.

After the classes and performance we had the pleasure of exploring the South Island a bit. I am absolutely in love with New Zealand and can't wait to come back. By the way, it's really scary to step off a platform for a 60 meter/180 feet free fall in the Canyon Swing. I had to do it twice to make sure it was really, truly scary. We walked the woods, went on a dirt bike tour, horseback trek, jet boat, gondola ride and more. We bought all sort of neat souvenirs too. I love my possum fur products. I want to return to do the luxe version of the Milford Trek next year. The local arts, both traditional and contemporary are simply amazing. One day, I would like to find Maori weavers to study with for an immersive period.

Then off to Australia! It really was too soon. I wanted more time in Kiwi land. In Sydney I had a moving suspension within a suspended cube show at L'Erotica. I even had a new gorgeous blue latex ninja action hero outfit by Syren latex. Unfortunately the lovely lass, who was to be the butterfly to my spider, fell ill. But good things happen to strange performers. Satomi, who was performing solo as well as with Lukas Zpira, stepped in. We had such a blast that we collaborated again, a week later, for a spectacular, dramatic show at Melbourne's Hellfire Resurrected party. That show was also my homage to Lukas' spectacular suspension in the Art Bunker in France.

The incomparable and amazingly cool Ms. Ariel organized the overall Oz tour and the classes in Melbourne. She brought together a spectacular team. Wonderful Ms Red and sweet Gen organized the Brisbane classes. Sydney rocked with the sponsorship and support of Uber, a gorgeous multi purpose perv retreat. I even had fun doing a comedy holiday food bondage performance at the Sydney Hellfire Party. The chicken was already dead and roasted before the stage fisting and frame slamming. The girl who became the dessert tray was only slightly chewed in the ensuing crowd mauling.

(By the way, rumor has it that Ariel is considering organizing a full weekend kink fun and education conference in Melbourne next fall! I sure hope so!)

Byron Bay - just amazing for a much needed R&R.
The kindness of the people in Australia was just striking. They rescued us whenever we were in a bind. They lent me their shoulder and let me bend their ears when I needed it.

We returned last week, a bit disoriented. It's odd to go from summer to winter, bright long days to cold, dark, short days. Left side driving to right side driving. Left side walking to right side walking. Oz slang to MexiCali patois. Stick to automatic. And then the jet lag. My office looks like a paper bomb hit it. At least my cats still recognize me!

Happy New Year!


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