December 1, 2010

1. Japan Report
2. December Classes/Events (SF, NYC, Baltimore, Chicago, Tokyo)
3. Rope Bondage Dojo: Registration open for Jan, SF Dojo
4. January Preview (San Francisco, Santa Cruz)
5. ForteFemme Women's Dominance Intensive NYC 4/15-4/17
6. Project: Women's Words on Their Orgasms
7. My Weekly Columns, Twitter, Yahoo, FaceBook, etc.


I'm back from another trip to Japan. Each trip brings new adventures, fabulously strange new friends, plus freshly odd insights to my birth country.

Officially, the annual Japan Fetish Ball brought me over to perform. Officially, I taught sex skills workshops for the members of the Love Piece Club, as well as for the lesbian erotica artists' organization. In reality, every bit of free time was consumed with following any leads for sexy, sleazy, low life, erotic sub-cultural gatherings and phenomena. Then there's visiting mother. She's of no help in the sleaze reporting - and thankfully she no longer asks what I'm up to, at least not in great detail. After a week and a half of decadence in Tokyo, I had to recharge with a 3-day retreat in a Buddhist monastery 6 hours away.

Some of my random insights of Japan:

  • It's highly likely that these heated, self-flushing toilets that talk to you was HAL2000's direct ancestor. The thought of it malfunctioning feed my nightmares. Even public toilets do this. I wonder how much energy is spent annually in Japan on amping the loo?
  • Japan has a palate pleasure language so well developed that they have a specific word for the fifth flavor type, Umami. The English language, relatively emaciated in culinary descriptive words, has words for four flavor groups, leaving foodies struggling to describe Umami. The English language has hundreds of currently active colorful words to richly describe male and female genitalia, enough to fill a few lost Dead Sea Scrolls. Currently used Japanese words for the wet and wobbly bits might not fill a small Post-It note.
  • In Japan, hoochi hooker looking gals are definitely not hookers. Real hookers serious about their profession work really hard to look like nice, ordinary girls next door. Japanese porno chicks are sort of freaked out by American porn chick looks.
  • I'm getting some good clue about sex in Tokyo - it's a very pragmatic and business-minded city with a long history of pleasure quarters. Dating in Tokyo, on the other hand... well, that's another story. Many of my local informants are also deeply mystified... and often single. Apparently dating in Tokyo is even harder than dating in LA.
  • For more gory details of Japan, don't miss my upcoming SexIs columns. I've got several sexy articles lined up. Photos too! You'll also find my other articles on Japanese erotic subcultures in many of the back issues of CarnalNation.

    Wishing you a wonderful New Year - May the Year of the Rabbit be fluffy, gentle fertile and fruitful for us all!


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    • Tue 12/7 "Bedroom Body Moves: From Stripping to Seduction to Sex (and everything in between!)" at The Citadel.
    • Sun 12/12, "Rope Dance: Passionate Dynamic Movements" Door at 1:30pm. Class 2pm - 5pm. $30 for solo students, $50 for pairs at The Citadel.

    • Wed 12/15 Class at Pure Pleasure boutique

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    The next Rope Bondage Dojo® weekend intensive will be January 15-16, 2011 in San Francisco.

    Online registration opens Wednesday December 1st, 2010, 8am, Pacific Time. At the time of this writing only 1 spot was open. Once it's full there'll be a waiting list as usually a spot or two opens up last minute due to cancellations.

    Info & Registration:

    Space Limited: 30 students
    Cost: $375 /singles, $650/pair

    Prerequisite: Willingness for serious learning. Must be able to tie your shoelaces. No experience necessary. However, those with experience will be appropriately challenged.

    Includes: 16+ hours of intensive training from four Dojo Cadres. Emphasis will be on balanced education focusing on "Heart-Mind-Hand" approach, covering rope skills, scene managements, psychology, history and more for both those who tie and those who are tied.

    Included: Saturday night play party, lunches, afternoon snacks & other goodies

    For more information see the curriculum and FAQ at

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    4. PREVIEW: JANUARY 2011 CLASSES / EVENTS (San Francisco, Tokyo)

    • 1/15 - 1/16 "Rope Bondage Dojo" at
    • 1/17, "Bedroom Body Moves: From Stripping to Seduction to Sex (and everything in between!)" at Good Vibrations Polk Street store

    • 1/29 Performing at Toubaku World Bondage Event
    • Late January Special classes at Love Piece Club, and more! Stay tuned!

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    A little heads-up... As I know many of you like to plan ahead.
    Forte Femme, Women's Weekend Intensive on Sensual Dominance heads to NYC for the first time! This immersion weekend is limited to 10 women.

    NEW YORK Forte Femme:
    When: Fri 4/15 through Sun 4/17/2010
    Where: Elegant private residence in the Murry Hill/ Midtown South area
    Cost: Early registration $700/per woman. Regular registration $750/per.
    Register: Advanced registration required. Registration opens February 17th at
    More information will be available at
    Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions about the weekend.
    * Partners are encouraged to join for Sunday afternoon lab time but this is not required.

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    Women, would you consider being a part of a very special book project? I am turning to all the wonderful women out there for some frank and down-to-earth contributions. I am collecting women's first-person accounts of the detailed physical experience of orgasms. I'm really hoping that some of you can help me out with this. Feel free to pass it on to any women who might be interested.

    Details - I am seeking first person descriptions from women about their orgasms.

  • Who: You are a woman, 18 years or older, who have experienced one or more variety of orgasms. (Transwomen! I want your unique perspectives too!)
  • What: Essay of clear and detailed description of your orgasm, from start to finish, focusing on the physical experience, expressed in your own words. When does it start? What's the hint of it? Where does it start? How does it move through your body? What sort of sensations? Imagine trying to illustrate your orgasm to a person who's never had it. This is not about what your partner is doing to you, what they are saying nor euphemistic description of romance or lust.
  • If you have more than one type of orgasm, each variety would be written in a separate essay piece.
  • How Long? As long as it takes for you to describe it. It may be a couple of paragraphs or couple of pages.
  • Credit line: How would you like your essay to be credited? You'll have one or two lines
  • Editing: At most I will edit for grammar, spelling and readability. I want to keep it as true to your original narrative and tone as possible.
  • Send to midori at fhp-inc dot com
  • Perma link for this project: Midori's Live Journal
  • Thank you!


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