August 12, 2002

Newsletter 12 August, 2002

Table of contents:
· Recent Adventures in ...

· Denver

· Boston

· San Fran with BODC

· A major gripe

Hot bondage photo shoots
Midori featured in 8/4 Chronicle Sunday Magazine
Nice things in Salon too!
North Carolina
· New pervy artist you have to check out!

· Tattoo artist wanted for shop in San Jose

Upcoming classes (Michigan, Ohio, Michigan again, San Francisco, San Jose, Atlanta)
Other cool events that I heard of... (Florida, Boston, DC, San Francisco, LA...)
Are You An Art Lover?

Dear Readers,
Has it already been a month since I've written?
My goodness, I've been so busy!
Let's see... what have I been up to?


I had the pleasure of returning to the mountain paradise of Colorado for Thunder in the Mountains. I spent a couple of days hanging out and taking in the fresh mountain air with Fred Norman and Blue. Then we headed down the mountain to Denver for the event itself. It's one of the finest leather events... run by really cool gay men and very queerly pansexual... the quality of presenters are simply breath taking... I couldn't believe that I get to present with these giants and leaders of the leather community! (
I had a great time introducing two new classes there. One called "Gravity and Levity: Humor in SM" and another on "Trust in SM: A Guided Discussion."
There were lots of really great classes... I wished I could have attended them all. (I guess it wouldn't be right to skip out on my own class! LOL )
I really enjoyed my friend Ira Levine and Nina Hartley's History of Porn class... As well as Guy Baldwin and Patrick Califia's "Conflict Resolution in D/s" class. (The Guy and Pat show? LOL )

On Saturday night we almost ended up scening on the middle of the highway... We were on the way to the Labyrinth Dungeon party... and we get stuck in the midst of a huge traffic congestion caused by an accident... Beast driving a car load of divas... Tristan Taormino, Lolita, myself and our sweet consorts... Beast crying out about "Can't any of you Divas use your Star Power to get us there?"
One of us began singing the theme to Gilligan's Island, one of us began trying to climb out of the window, one of us started to speculate on a suspension scene off the highway sign post, another started undressing there, someone had the sense to call for directions on the cell phone as the loopiness, goofiness and fun factor climbed in the van... the dungeon was fun but was pretty crowded so I went out to the parking lot...
Then Beast and I ended up in a 'rumble.' Some folks thought we were fighting as they saw me (dressed in a leather mini-kilt, fishnets, knee length 5" platform boots, tiny glitter halter top and a black leather cowboy hat) punching and kicking him. Then they soon realized it was a spontaneous scene. He's so much fun! I stayed an extra few days to hang out with my PDK Leather Sorority Sister.
On Monday, which was Michele's birthday, Michele Serchuck, Beast, Lolita, Neptune and I went out to the Garden of the Gods Park and hiked around the gorgeous red rocks.


Made my semi annual trip to Boston... drove in just in time to make my signing with Grand Opening Sexuality Boutique ( Changed from my fly-girl travel outfit to a full formal summer kimono in a flash and was on the floor signing books. At one point I got restless so I had to tie someone up.. Then what vision of beauty should show up but Jessica... so I tied her to a pole as she shimmied and jingled in her belly dancer outfit... then there was the sexy impromptu bondage tug-of-war with the gorgeous, muscled and leather clad S. mmmm... Life is good.

I had the pleasure of staying at Cecelia and Lord Panther's place with A and visiting with them. It's always nice to get time with them. I even got a chance to do a bit of sight seeing. I've always been so busy in Boston that I've never been able to do touristy things.... I really enjoyed the lazy, hot afternoon!


Back in San Francisco:
So I land back in SF, then the very next day my dear friend and PDK Leather Sorority sister E, a.k.a. the Bitch of Dupont Circle (BODC = PDK housemother of DC House) came into town.
I played hooky from work (I'm self-employed = my boss is one tough whip wielding dame!) and spent days with her painting the town red.
We caught the opening reception for a great comic arts exhibition at the Yurba Buena Center for the Arts. One of the rooms "Wide Screen" shows huge panels of Michael Manning's work from his upcoming graphic novel "In a Metal Web." (By the way, I had the honor of looking
through the work in progress... It's one of his finest yet! He's outdone his own previous sexy works.)
We went dancing at Mango, went to Joe "The Barber of Castro" Gallagher's reception and had dinner with a pervy bunch of photogs... Mark Chester, Michael Rosen, David Steinburg, Michael Blue, BODC and me. Quite a dinner that was! I missed out on Skye's big B day party and I was totally bummed... too exhausted and BODC was warn out... Happy Belated Birthday! Then we cruised Dore Alley Fair... the smaller, intimate and "nastier" little brother of the Folsom Street Fair. The things we saw there... we simply can't repeat * evil grin *


A Major Gripe
I'm very upset and annoyed!
I know that this is off topic, but I really have to vent this. I've been very upset about a particular incident for a few weeks now. I think it's important enough to mention it here.
Recently I had the pleasure of presenting my class "Eroticizing Pain" at QSM. QSM is an excellent mail order resource for pervy books and they also regularly host exceptional kink classes taught by some top-notch instructors. (For more information on QSM or to order their catalogues go to or call 415-550-7776.)
After discussing the stages of how to relax into intense sensations and eroticising pain, we began the scene. It wasn't a demo, where I do a few things and address the audience but rather it was a full fledged scene with this remarkable and beautiful woman, H, another woman of color. I asked the students to cease being students, but rather to stand and join as witnesses.
Together we journeyed to reclaim the pains of our mothers, grandmothers and foremothers through the pain, in her flesh. Together we gave voice to our ancestral pains of slavery, exploitation and survival, through her flesh. It was a deeply moving experience for both of us.
Needless to say we were both in an altered state and in a very special, soulfully vulnerable state.
After the scene, I specifically instructed people to leave H alone to be in her own post-scene recovery and if they had a question thaT they were to address me directly. I was extremely clear in this instruction. I even stepped out to the middle of the classroom to receive questions. After 10 minutes or so of addressing questions I turned to find H being cornered by a man talking at her inundating her with pushy questions. Once I realized this, I stepped between him and asked him to back off. I'm still not sure why I had to tell him four times to back off. I couldn't believe his blatant rudeness in directly disrespecting my request and her need for a private
This behavior was rude, wrong and invasive. You would think that after so much SM education that people would understand the concept of respecting limits and clearly stated boundaries! Next time I see this person, not only am I going to have a good 'talking-to' with him, I'm going to keep an eagle eye on him in regards to those under my care.
I also discovered several days later that a few other students noticed this man's rude intrusion, and were upset about it, but did nothing. Why? I can appreciate that they didn't want to address her directly, but they could have alerted me to the situation, since obviously I wasn't aware of the intrusion. How about watching out for our own in the community? We can't legislate others' decent behavior, but we can certainly act upon what we believe to be our own civility and decency.
Let me give you another example. Let's say that I'm walking down a dark alley with a friend. I'm walking a few steps ahead of her as I reach my car. You see someone approach her and harass her, but I'm not aware of the intrusion. What would you do? I certainly hope that you'll do something, right then. Not doing anything at the time of the indecency and then asking her later if she'd like to process her feelings afterwards is not the right thing to do.


Hot Bondage Photoshoots
Been getting ready to launch a cool rope bondage site... and I've been
heck of busy doing some amazing photoshoots! Recently we got to bind and
photograph my intrepid editrix of Spectator magazine (,
Dara, in some devilish bondage in the bowels of a large boat.. And then I
got to do an intricate hand-henna style bondage with a bondage 'shawl' on
buxom and beautiful Ms. A. while Craig Morey shot the work in progress...
As for the upcoming bondage site of mine... Stay tuned here for more
information... I'm not ready to announce the details quite yet! But if you
want to be, or know of someone, who'd like to be part of this project and be
my model, let me know!


Midori Featured in 8/4 San Francisco Chronicle Sunday Magazine
Yes, that's right.... Direct to everyone's Sunday morning brunch table along with all the news that's fit (?) to print.... Image of me in a long blue latex dress (since then passed on to latex heaven, RIP) suspending Babydoll.
Some of the comments, like "bump and grind" were terribly off the mark, other than that and some minor inaccuracies (platinum blond streaked hair? Hey, it's auburn!)
It's a really nice article that gives a good view in to the what's up with kink education and my life in San Francisco. I think it was really cool. Check it out and see. If you have an opinion about it, make sure to let the Chron know.
I think we deserve open eyed and balanced coverage like this in the greater media... and they DO listen to the readers!

To read the article... (But it doesn't have the cool photos...) ... click here


Salon Magazine on-line had some really lovely things to say about my collaboration with Steve Diet Goedde, the erotic photographer of "Beauty of Fetish" Vol 1 & 2 fame... look here:


North Carolina:
Yes, you read that right. North Carolina. I just returned this evening from a wonderful weekend of teaching classes around the Greensboro, NC area of the local kink club TALON.
A wonderful organization that fully demonstrates what Southern Hospitality is! I had the pleasure of signing books, teaching "Aural Sex I", "Easy Suspension Bondage", "Japanese Bondage" "Beyond Top & Bottom: Dominant Masochists, Submissive Sadists and more"...
My host family D and S were wonderful folks, providing me with a much needed peaceful retreat in a private suite, nice bath, fully accompanied by serenading frogs... Thanks gang, for a wonderful time!
I look forward to visiting TALON again!


New Pervy Artist You Have to Check Out!
If you like comics and Japanese stuff, you have to check out Junko Mizuno's work... I'm a total fan and had the pleasure of meeting her and having dinner with her and the crew of Viz when she was in town signing at Virgin Megastore.
Her book, "Hell Babies" is one of my fave!
Check it out!


(I'm posting this for a dear friend of mine. She owns this fantastic body modification shop in San Jose, California. Pass on the info if you know of someone...)

"Pierce/Ink Ltd San Jose California's Oldest Body Modification Studio is looking for a Talented , Inspired , Custom (mostly) tattoo artist. Come work in an environment were creativity and artistic expression are valued. 3-5 years experience and a strong portfolio a must. We are an established piercing and tattoo shop with a large client base. Terms are open for the right person. Please call 408-280-6699 or email"


Michigan Womyn's Music Festival
8/13 - 8/17
Teaching a week long intensive workshop
- "Aural Sex I"
- "Art of High Femme Dominance"
- "Rope Bondage"
- "Beyond Top & Bottom: Dominant Masochists, Submissive Sadists and more"
- "Getting What You Want: Creative SM Negotiation"
Ohio Leatherfest
8/23 - 8/25

Michigan Rope and GRALE
(Detroit area and Grand Rapids)
- 9/7 "Bondage for Biginners"1130am - 5pm
- 9/8 "Japanese Rope Bondage" & "Basic Electrical Play" 1:00 PM
for tickets e-mail
San Francisco
QSM class "Predicament Bondage" 7pm - 10pm
San Jose, CA
Leather Masters class: "Rope Bondage Workshop & Demo"
(No info on their site about tickets. You'll have to call or e-mail them.)
969 Park Avenue, San Jose, CA 95126 (408) 293-7660
Atlanta, GA
9/21 - 9/22


8/16 Florida
The Fetish Box & The London Ballroom present DitaVonTeese @ Club Level at 1235 Washington Ave. Miami Beach ,Fl at 13th St.
For further info please log onto or or
San Francisco play parties
Saturday, Aug. 17, Dark Knights Party, pansexual,
contact for more info.
Saturday, Aug. 24, Women's Party, women only,
San Francisco
8/17 Stormy Leather. Fakir Musafar will be signing copies of his new book "Spirit + Flesh" 4pm - 7pm
San Francisco
8/22 7th Annual SF Drag King Contest, 314 11th St @ Folsom, 9pm to 2am,
tickets are $12-$15, 21+ with ID, Contestants Wanted! - 415.282.5378 or Enforced Dress Code: drag king, queen, high femme, trans,
fetish.... advanced tickets on sale at Stormy Leather

Washington DC
Lots of parties at The Cruicible.. A great place to play! I vouch for it myself!

- Wednesday Aug 14th - Dinner & Open Play
- Saturday Aug 17th - Open Play
- Friday Aug 23rd - Open Play
- Saturday Aug 24th - Photo Shoot & Open Play
- Sunday Aug 25th - MUSIC, Dinner, Movie & Play
- Friday Aug 30th - Open Play
- Saturday Aug 31st - Open Play


Are You an Art Lover?
This just in...
"Art Publisher offers unique Bettie Page, Olivia, Sorayama, fetish and highly collectible pieces at wholesale...
It is an art buyers market these days, and one major art publisher is extending wholesale prices o the public that were exclusively offered only to retail galleries. You can find out more about this very unusual offer from Hollywood's famous Bane Gallery by calling Peter at 1-800-325-2765 extension 207 or in California 1-310-205-0555 extension 207."
(mmmm... I wish...)


Well, that's all for now!
I have to finish packing for my trip to Michigan... I'll be in the woods and out of telecom reach through the 19th...
Until next time...

With pervy wishes