August 1, 2010

1. Beavers, Moose, Travel Writings & Orgasms
2. August Classes/Events (Ottawa, NYC, San Francisco, LA)
3. Registration Open! ForteFemme: Women's Sensual Dominance Intensive, 9/17 to 9/19 San Francisco
4. September Preview (San Francisco, Albuquerque, Milpitas, Santa Cruz)
5. On-line Haunts: Twitter, Yahoo, FaceBook, etc


Hello from North of the Border! I write this as I sit in the shade of a quiet resort in Ontario, Canada. The soft light from the setting sun is soothing as crickets and birds provide background music. Fortunately it's past the black fly season and DEET is my friend.

Laura Antoniou and I just finished facilitating the conscious D/s relationship weekend called "Passionate Bonds" in Toronto. My mind's a happily exhausted and exhilarated stew, so this enforced relaxation is just what I need.

The downside of my passion for my work is that I often forget to take time off and have the sort of adventures I that love. I finally took up the long-standing offers by my fabulous Canadian pals and have been adventuring up here for the past couple of weeks. I've had my first canoe trip in Algonquin Park where I encountered moose, beaver, loons, strange insects, exotic plants and bear poo. I learned to love being Ms. Canoe Head and that beavers don't live in beaver nests but rather lodges. I gorged on the bounty Prince Edward County, which is the Sonoma Valley of the North. I even roller-skated for the first time in my life in a surreal time warp to the 1970's.

If you haven't noticed, I love travel! I've been sharing the list of my favorite cities with you in my Sex Is columns. Part 2 just came out. Let me know if you agree with me.

I've also begun a series analyzing the secrets and factors that make a person sexy. The first installment of the Alchemy of Sexy appears today in my Carnal Nation column.

Speaking of writing projects... I turn to you for some juicy material needed for one such project of mine. I am collecting women's accounts of their orgasms. I'm really hoping that some of you can help me out with this. Feel free to pass it on to any women who might be interested.

Details - I am seeking first person descriptions from women about their orgasms.

  • Who: You are a woman, 18 years or older, who have experienced one or more variety of orgasms. (Transwomen! I want your unique perspectives too!)
  • What: Essay of clear and detailed description of your orgasm, from start to finish, focusing on the physical experience, expressed in your own words. When does it start? What's the hint of it? Where does it start? How does it move through your body? What sort of sensations? Imagine trying to illustrate your orgasm to a person who's never had it.
  • If you have more than one type of orgasm, each variety would be written in a separate essay piece.
  • How Long? As long as it takes for you to describe it. It may be a couple of paragraphs or couple of pages.
  • Credit line: How would you like your essay to be credited? You'll have one or two lines.
  • Editing: At most I will edit for grammar, spelling and simple readability. I want to keep it as true to your original narrative and tone as possible.
  • When: No later than end of August
  • Send to
  • Thank you!


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    2. UPCOMING CLASSES / EVENTS AUGUST: EVENTS (Ottawa Canada, NYC, San Francisco, LA

    Series of classes for Venus Envy Boutique!
    • Tue 8/3 "Bedroom Body Moves: From Stripping to Seduction to Sex (and everything in between!) for women"
    • Wed 8/4 "Wrapped for Pleasure: Easy Bondage for Steamy Sex"
    • Tue 8/3 "How to Eat a Peach: Pleasuring Her"

    • Sat 8/7 "Hands-on Rope Body Harness on Men" for ClubFem NYC. More info soon
    • Mon 8/9 "Art of Feminine Dominance Level 1" at Purple Passion.

    • Tue 8/10 "Art of Feminine Dominance, Level 1" open to all at Good Vibrations on Polk St.

    Two classes being planned at The Pleasure Chest.
    • Wed 8/11 "Rosy Cheeks - Beginner's Guide to Spanking & More"
    • Thr 8/12 "Backdoor Antics: Bloopers and Practicals of Butt Sex"

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    A little heads-up... I know many of you like to plan ahead.
    Forte Femme, Women's Weekend Intensive on Sensual Dominance returns to San Francisco! This immersion weekend is limited to 10 women.

    SAN FRANCISCO Forte Femme:
    When: Fri 9/17 through Sun 9/19/2010
    Where: Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport
    Cost: Early registration $650/per person. Regular registration $700/per person
    Register: Advanced registration required. Registration opens August 1

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    4. PREVIEW: SEPTEMBER CLASSES / EVENTS (San Francisco, Albuquerque, Milpitas, Santa Cruz)


    • Sun 9/5 "Rope Dance: Passionate Dynamic Movement" at the Citadel 1277 Mission St. (at 9th St.), San Francisco, CA 94103
    Doors open 1:30pm. Class 2pm - 5pm. $30 solo / $50 pair. Wear yoga clothes and bring one length of 15'-25' rope.

    Yoga meets assisted stretching, meets contact improvisational dance, meets Tango with a touch of Fight Club! A hands-on movement class using rope in an entirely new way... Learn to dance, stretch, seduce, power-exchange and connect at a deeper level using the rope. If you think rope play is just about tying knots, you're missing the core of the seduction. This is the foundation of truly sexy and evocative rope scenes.
    No rope experience necessary. Adjustable to all fitness and mobility levels.
    Wear yoga-type clothing and floor gripping shoes or go barefoot.
    What to Bring: One length of rope, about 15' to 25' per person, a yoga mat or a large beach towel

    • Thr 9/16 "Hands-on Rope Body Harness" at Stormy Leather's new location
    • Sun 9/5 "Hands-on Rope Body Harness" at the Citadel 1277 Mission St. (at 9th St.), San Francisco, CA 94103


    Workshops at Self Serve Boutique

    • Thr 9/9 "JoyStick Secrets: How to Thrill a Man"
    • Fri 9/10 "Hands-on Rope Bondage"

    Two classes for Bliss Connection and Bliss Radio. Advanced tickets & information

    • Sun 9/12 3pm "JoyStick Secrets: How to Thrill a Man"
    • Sun 9/12 5:30pm "How to Eat a Peach: Pleasuring a Woman"

    • Tue 9/28 "JoyStick Secrets: How to Thrill a Man" at Pure Pleasure boutique on Polk St.

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