Art: Exposing My Madness & Fantasy To The World

Table Of Contents
1. Art: Exposing My Madness & Fantasy To The World
2. Mar/Apr Classes/Events (Denver, Dallas, SF, DC, Seattle)
3. Passionate Bonds: Creating Effective D/s Protocol weekend w Laura Antoniou and Midori in April!
4. Rope Dojo Washington DC
5. Psst! May in Europe! (London, Oslo, Gothenburg)
6. AIDS LifeCycle – Please support me
7. My Online Hangouts. Now on Vine & Instagram!


Evoco Project: San Francisco by Midori. 2013 Midori creating Evoco Project: San Francisco 12.10.19 with model Tsaiberia. 2012

Well, I’m doing it. For real. And I really hope you’ll be there to share with me my moments of revelation and actualization…

In past newsletters I shared my desires to pursue my art seriously. This month it’s all coming true in very real and tangible ways. My art, my heart and desires, will be exposed for all to see, in four wildly different ways and venues over the next few weeks.

I. First, I have a solo exhibition of my new works, “Evoco Project”, at the Center for Sex & Culture in San Francisco.

I’ve been spending countless hours in the studio working on these scrolls… I’ve posted some of the results on my social media, but now all will be shown together!

Opening Reception, Friday April 5th, 7pm – 10pm
Center for Sex & Culture, 1349 Mission Street, San Francisco, California 94103
The full detail and artists statement: Facebook Event Page

(Friends + Bodies + Flowers + Rope + Ink) / time = Creating memories of moments of beauty. The Evoco Project is an ongoing, multi phase project about how we create, hold, interpret and alter memory. Photo documentation by Shilo McCabe

Evoco Project exhibition runs from April 5th to April 28

II. Second, premiere at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts of my performance piece “Prohibition”
Thursday, April 18th. 7:30pm
Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, RBI Gallery. 701 Mission St. San Francisco, CA 94103

Prohibition, by Midori. Performed with Madison Young 2012

My performance and sound piece about that very moment we decide to break past the prohibitions that we’ve so strongly internalized. The gorgeous Lydia McLane of Seattle will be my “other” in this piece. This will be in celebration of closing of “We Carry Each Other” at the invitation of artist, Eliza Barrios, and curator Katya Min

** I am working on live web streaming this performance. Stay tuned for social media announcements on the details!

III. Next, an ongoing piece that’s already up, projected gigantically during the evenings, on the outside wall along Mission Street of Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. I got to contribute my rope art to Eliza Barrio’s new media piece “Threshold”. You can see massive close up of flesh, rope, feather, and breath, projected most uniquely. Come See!
From the YBCA RBI site: “Each video sequence in the work offers the observer an optical exploration of the alternative self, subtly guiding them through the perceived uniqueness of transgressive identities.”

YBCA Threshold by Eliza Barrios. Rope art contributed by Midori. 2013

IV. Finally, in collaborating with performance artist Samar, mashing each of our arts together, my Evoco Project takes a whole new turn, exploring the aesthetic edge of flesh, endurance and mortality.
Sunday, March 31st. Dallas, Texas. Suspension Con.

Right now I’m actually in bit of a shock and disbelief that all this is happening this month!

With love and lunacy,


= = =

2. MAR/APR CLASSES / EVENTS: (Denver, Dallas, SF, DC, Seattle)


• Thr 3/21 “JoyStick Secrets: How to Thrill a Man” at Fascinations
• Fri 3/22 "Bedroom Bondage For Hot Sex & Fantasy Role Play" at Fascinations
• Sun 3/24 BDSM! Bent Denver Sunday with Midori 3 class special day! Get tickets.
9:30am “Hands-on Rope Bondage
1pm “"Mapping Your D/s Archetype: Towards Successful D/s M/s Relationships"
4pm “Art of Feminine Dominance”


• Sun 3/31 Collaborative Performance with performance artist, Lady Samar at SusCon

• 4/26 – 4/28 Passionate Bonds: Creating Effective D/s Protocols weekend intensive with Laura Antoniou & Midori


• Wed 4/10 “Aural Sex: Seduction by Voice” at The Garden

• 4/13 – 4/14 Rope Bondage Dojo


• Fri 4/5 Opening Reception. The Evoco Project: recent works by Midori Facebook event page
at the Center for Sex & Culture

• Thr 4/18 Yerba Buena Center for the Arts A special performance of “Prohibition” as part of closing ‘We Carry Each Other’, curated by Katya Min (YBCA & Ictus Gallery). This is my gratitude to the very talented artist and my friend, Eliza Barrios 7:30pm. Free

• Tue 4/23 “Hands-on Rope Bondage” at the Citadel

• Wed 4/25 “"Maximize Women's Pleasure" at Pink Bunny Boutique

• Tue 4/30 “Art of Feminine Dominance” at Good Vibrations on Polk St.


• Sun 4/21 “Art of Feminine Dominance” at Winter Fetish

= = =


Registration open now:

Space limited to 20 people
Laura Antoniou and I are teaming up once again to bring you this amazing weekend.

Learn how to create customized protocols and etiquette that work effectively for your unique relationship. Discover how to design protocol that enrich and strengthen your D/s or M/s relationship, and serve well through all aspects in your everyday life. By the end of the weekend you will have in your hands your own customized protocol manual as well as skills necessary to nourish a sustainable and fulfilling power exchange relationship.
Whether you are already in a relationship or are seeking one in the future, you’ll gain powerful tools.

When: April 26 – 28, 2013
Where: Resource Center Dallas, 2701 Reagan St., Dallas TX 75219
Cost: $250 / first person. $150 / each additional person in your Relationship Unit

= = =


The next Rope Bondage Dojo ® weekend intensive will be in Washington DC over the weekend of April 13-14, 2013

Info & Registration:
Space Limited: 30 students
Cost: $400 /solo $700/pair
Location: The Crucible

Instruction hours: 10am – 7pm both days

Confidence, skill, speed, beauty, intensity, deeper connection, presence and amazing scene control – learn how to make your rope play hotter and better with Rope Bondage Dojo. Now in its 11th year, experience this immersive and balanced training focusing on “Heart-Mind-Hand” approach and the Rope Dojo philosophy.
In this Level 1 Dojo you’ll receive16+ hours of intensive rope education from five experienced Dojo Cadres. A weekend designed with a multi-skill level layered education style to create an exceptional learning experience for both experienced and novice players, whether you top or bottom.

Included: Morning nosh. Delicious lunches. Afternoon snacks. Limited edition Dojo goodies & more.
For more information see the curriculum and FAQ at

Prerequisite: Willingness for serious learning. Must be able to tie your shoelaces. No experience necessary. However, those with experience will be challenged.

= = =


To my friends, readers and students in Europe! Just a little heads-up.
I’m going to be teaching a series of classes in London, Oslo and Gothenburg.
I have dates – but we’re still fine-tuning some details so I’ve not been able to post the nitty and the gritty on my calendar… but I wanted you to at least know about the when and where…

• London: May 7, 8, 9
• Oslo: May 11, 12
• Gothenburg: May 14 through 20

I promise, more details soon!

= = =


I’m at it again. I’ll be volunteering as a Roadie at the next AIDS LifeCycle, helping 2,000 cyclists ride down from San Francisco to LA in 7 days, raising awareness & funds while having a challenge of their life….

I suck at asking people directly for this, especially in tough economic times. Would you consider supporting me? How about just the amount of a cup of coffee? Or a couple of days’ worth of coffee?
Thanks! (Yes, it’s tax deductible!)

= = =


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