April 21 , 2002

April 21 , 2002


1 Brief adventure reports
2 Classes: SF, Atlanta... (also a Special Class for women only and Oxygen Network)
3 Invitation to my birthday gathering
4 CD "Aural Seductions" now in stores!Dear Readers,

Hello there! I know, I know.... it's been a while since you've heard from
me, hasn't it? The ferocious tour schedule wrapped up, I've had my head
buried deep in new writing, my next book .... and taxes. Sigh...


* As usual I have so much to catch you up on... The Richmond VA Bal de Sade
weekend was spectacular... As usual, The Richmond Leather Club is one of the
finest hosts around! I also really enjoyed the very special suspension demo
at the party. I even had a 'cherry' of mine popped. (Now can you guess what
that is? The answer is hidden somewhere in this e mail.)

The Sisterhood of PDK initiated another member. I got some precious time to
visit with some of my favorite leather folk, like David Hawks (a man that
makes me wish I were a man), my leather-sister Bubbles and the Man - Deus...
and all the hunky brothers and sisters of RLC!

* Portland Kinkfest was a lovely and enthusiastic event. Dark Lady and I got
to hang and shoot the breeze. Tristan Taormino and I had some great chat
time as we shared a book table... and we decided to host an impromptu
erotica reading for fun as well as for new writers' search for Tristan.

* My adventures in Berlin were... well, let's just say, very X rated. I can
say, however, that a witness at a party told me that I have "Lara Croft Sex"
It's a good thing I'm really in shape and am not afraid of heights. *g*

* Keep an eye out for a fashion photo feature / homage to Araki, by Nick
Knight of the super model, Liberty, in British Vogue coming out soon. The
rope rigging on Liberty is by yours truly. Yes, me.

* While in LA I attended the gallery opening for the Fahey/Klein Gallery of
Fakir Musafar's prolific collection of photography.. over many years he's
documented images of those who express themselves through body
modification.... and he was also celebrating the release of his new book,
"Spirit + Flesh" Both are totally worth checking out and I wanted to let
you know about it...

Gallery show info:
The first gallery hanging of Fakir fine art photos will be from April 11 to
May 18 at the Fahey/Klein Gallery at 148 North La Brea Avenue, Los Angeles,

Book info:
Fakir Musafar's "Spirit + Flesh" is soon available at major mainstream
bookstores and is now available from the publisher online at
http://www.arenaeditions.com or http://www.amazon.com or
http://barnesnoble.com . Just enter "musafar" or the title. You can go to
Arena's web site for a sneak preview. "Spirit + Flesh" is a large coffee
table art book 8.5" x 11.5" with 196 pages on heavy paper.
(there are two photos of me in there that are rarely seen... )

* My schedule has been so hectic that I missed two events I really wanted to
go to. One was the video release and premier party of Cleo Dubois' second
video "TIE ME UP!" (Subtitled "Passionate Bondage Play, tips & torments")...
I'm looking forward to seeing it and reviewing it for you.
I also missed the book release party of the book from Larry Utley
(photographer) and Autumn Carey Adamme (author and my personal corset maker)
"Fetish Fashion: Undressing the Corset". Check out the book at at a
bookstore near you... and keep an eye out for a really hot photo of me in
"Big Red" my full body blood-red patent leather corset, also featured in
Fakir's book.

* While I was in LA, I also attended and presented at the 6th Annual Leather
Leadership Conference. I wish to thank Mindy Chateuvert and Olga Cox for
encouraging me to present on "Independent Activism: How to Raise Hell
Without Attending a Committee Meeting." What a great event! I am sorry that
I missed the Saturday segment, as I heard that Guy Baldwin's key note speech
was excellent. I'll forward a link to you guys on his speech soon. I
couldn't make it because I was teaching a flogging class in San Francisco.
Don't miss next year's event! I already know that I'll be there.

* On an entirely non-kinky note... a bit of personal accomplishment that I'm
proud of... Many of you know that I'm a white water rafting entheusiast of
12 years. Now I'm enjoying the basics of white water kayaking. This last
week I feel that I mastered the "Eskimo Roll" on one side, and suddenly was
able to do the "off side" roll (the side that you don't usually use, and
thus is more difficult) and the "hand roll" and "body roll" (No, that's not
a type of exotic sushi. It's rolling the boat up without a paddle.) I'm
soooo excited about this! Now I just need to figure out when I'll get time
on the river this busy spring!

(see the calendar at http://www.fhp-inc.com for more info)
* Berkeley. Tuesday 4/23
"Getting Away With It: Public Sex and SM"
at Good Vibrations
2504 San Pablo Avenue (at Dwight Way)
Berkeley, CA 94702
(510) 841-8987
"Why confine your S/M play to the bedroom or dungeon? Doing a scene in
public can add an exciting thrill, but how do you keep it safe without
losing the heat or giving yourselves away? Fetish Diva Midori will present a
series of hot demonstrations on safe public S/M play, sharing wickedly
thrilling ideas and sexy secrets! A great class for everyone, curious or
* Atlanta. 4/26 - 4/28
presenting classes at Atlanta S/M Solidarity's annual Spring In The South
Contact information: Atlanta S/M Solidarity, P.O. Box 8361, Atlanta, GA
31106-8361. Voice mail: 404 521 3829 atlsmsol@lambda.net
* Berkeley. Tuesday 4/30 * A very special class! * I hope you can come and
help by attending my class!
8:30 to 10 PM -- @ Good Vibrations' Berkeley store
"Art of Feminine Dominance Version 2.0 -- The Practicles"
Learn how to embody confident, sensual dominance that suits your style.
Join Midori in discovering your style, creating an effective mood and
getting practical tips.
This class will be videotaped by Oxygen Television as part of a segment
about Midori for the show "Pure Oxygen." We offer this course at a much
reduced fee -- a sliding scale of $5-10 -- to thank you for participating in
this videotaped class. This class is part of Midori's ever popular Art of
Feminine Dominance Series. Level 1 suggested, but not required. For Women
2504 San Pablo Avenue (at Dwight Way)
Berkeley, CA 94702
(510) 841-8987

* Secret Revealed! The cherry popped in Richmond, VA... I walked a dog for
the first time... well, actually this really friendly huge dog walked me...
then I reminded him as to who's the boss. Hey, dominance training came in

* San Francisco. Saturday 5/4
7pm to 9pm
A hot bondage demo at Michael Rosen's Birthday party and Art Show Opening
party... "Michael Rosen: 25 Years of Sexual Art: a retrospective of fine art
sexual photographs on the occasion of the artist's 60th birthday"
May 4th - June 2nd, 2002 at the Mark I. Chester Studio, 1229 Folsom
Street (8th/9th Streets), San Francisco
Opening Party: Saturday, May 4th 1pm - midnight (readings and
performances throughout the day) also at the same location

Saturday 5/4
9pm - 11pm
Tonga Room at the Fairmont Hotel, 950 Mason Street
San Francisco, California
I'm having a very informal birthday gathering for my 36th birthday...
and my third Asian zodiac cycle. (I'm planning a bigger, more organized
party later this year too!)
The Tonga Room is this kitchy 1940 Tiki themed bar with goofy drinks, an
indoor rain shower and rather questionable Don Ho style lounge singers.
Please come and join me in celebrating another year of adventures... Dress
in fun clothes: Hawaiian Kitch, dressy or fetish. (If you're wearing fetish,
please make sure that it's 'public legal' aka privates, breasts, rear
covered...) I hope you can make it!


My freshly released CD of 74 minutes hot erotic stories, written by Carol
Queen and myself, read by me... is now available on-line and at better
erotic emporiums.
Look for "Aural Seductions: Erotic Stories Vol. 1" at
- http://www.stockroom.com (autographed copies!)
- http://www.FetishAuctioneer.com
- http://www.amazon.com
- Boston: Grand Opening Boutique
- New York: Purple Passion
- Philadelphia: Fetishes Boutique
- San Francisco: Different Light Bookstore on Castro between 17th & 18th
- San Francisco: Good Vibrations on Valencia near 24th
- San Francisco: Mr. & Madam S. Leather on 7th near Folsom
- San Francisco: Stormy Leather on Howard between 7th & 8th
- and of course directly through me...
More stores will be carrying the CD soon!

For those who are going to ABW in DC this weekend, have a great time!
with kinky wishes