April 14, 2006

Firehorse Productions, Inc. and Midori's Newsletter
April 14, 2006

Table of contents

1. With Love from Vienna
2. Rope Dojo. Vancouver registration opens 4/22
3. Women's Sensual Dominance Weekend Intensive. Boston + Ottawa
4. Upcoming Classes & Events (Boston, Berkeley, London including my birthday festivities)
5. My column about Shibari 6. Ask me anything at my Stockroom Forum. Or Peek Into My Private Life Via My Blog and MySpace.

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Dear Readers,
It's a cold spring day here in Vienna, Austria. I'm sitting by the window at a café in the Museum Quartier with a cup of Mélange café und apfel strudel. Yum! This spacious campus was once the Royal Stables for the Empire. Now it's a fantastic complex of museums, cafes, art institutes, cafes, performance spaces and more cafes. I read somewhere that Vienna is the most WiFi city and I believe it. It's everywhere, except my apartment. So I've been camped out at this cafe for many long hours with a cup of coffee or wine writing. Apparently this is a long held tradition here in Vienna, to sit with one cup of coffee and read, talk or work for hours. The wait staff will never rush you. Very civilized!

I'm here at the Tanzquartier Wien as part of a collaborative art / performance lab project organized by the Singaporean curator, Ong Keng Sen. TQW is one of the significant dance and performance institutes of Europe. Nearly 20 artists of vastly different disciplines brought together from Asia and Europe to explore the concept of Urban Fetish. Lots of discussions, a 14-hour marathon performance show case, more talking, more discussions. Last night I led a workshop specifically for dancers called "Rope Body Sex Beauty." We created amazing forms and movement together. I've simply delighted in meeting these artists, exchanging ideas, working on some collaborations and drinking coffee in cafes for hours.

It's been a remarkable two weeks here. I visited and toured the city with my mother, who happened to be here to present at the University of Vienna. I'd not seen her for a decade so that was just lovely. She's eccentric as ever!

Then I had the pleasure of getting to know the local SM community through Adrienne who organized classes and such with me at the SM.art Café. SM.art Café is really cool. It's a Viennese café/bar/restaurant with an SM theme and a playroom in the back. The food is great. There's no cover charge, except during special parties, so folks just drop in after work, read fetish mags, maybe play, or order coffee and hang out and chat with others into the wee hours. (Sense a theme here? The Viennese really love to hang out at cafes. I've never seen so many cafes in one place!) It's been around for 7 years, I'm told. The local kinksters have really taken me under their wing. They've taken me out sight seeing, to local Heurigen (winery restaurant with awesome meats), etc. Dinner with the latex designers of HW Design was great. Got to see their workshop and inhale the scent of rubber.

Time to take in art and fuel my creativity - lots of that! Ong Keng Sen performed "Global Soul." Saw a few stage performances. Caught some museums. A couple of my fellow artists took me to the local experimental music club called Rhiz where we swam in the ripping sounds of a neo punk band, then off to B72 to listen to more live music. There's a lot going on here. Vienna's really fantastic for me. There's a lot of focus on art and people are friendly. The Viennese say that they're a bit slower paced then other Euro cities, and I've heard others from various cities say the same about this city. Maybe that's what works for me. I'm waking up each day just thrilled, happy and creatively challenged.

Tomorrow I head off to Berlin to hang out with some friends, drop into the women's SM conference during their big GLBT SM weekend. Then back to the States. I'm stressing a bit about the intensives and classes coming up in Boston. But it's the sort of stress that keeps me sharp in the things I do. After Boston I can focus on 3 weeks of classes in London, turning 40 in May and finishing my next book! Yowza!

Happy spring! And thanks for reading my newsletter!


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Vancouver Rope Bondage Dojo TM will be July 22 to 23, 2006.
Space is limited to 30 people.
Registration opens April 22 at RopeDojo.com

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Since 2001, small groups of women have gathered in private locations with me to learn all that I can cram into 3 days/19 hours of brain dump on the art of feminine dominance. We work on how to find their inner dominance and enjoy it with their partners. It's called Women's Sensual Dominance Weekend Intensive. This year I'm only conducting 2 of these special weekends. One will be in Ottawa, Canada and another in Boston, MA. The registration for both just opened. The class is limited to 14 women.

Very novice friendly with lots of content for those with experience as well.

Boston: April 28 to 30 (a few seats still available.)
Brought to you by Kim Airs Presents!
Registration and curriculum detail at: Book Boston Class

Ottawa, Canada: May 26 to 28
Brought to you by Venus Envy
Registration and curriculum detail at: Venus Envy Ottawa

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· April 21 "Erotic Humiliation Play"

for New England Dungeon Society www.ne-ds.org

· April 22 - 23 "Rope Bondage DojoTM"

Sold out. Waiting list only. www.RopeDojo.com

· April 24 "Art of Feminine Dominance Level 1"

a 2-hour basics class at the new Good Vibrations store. www.GoodVibes.com It's the same location as the old Grand Opening! Boutique

· April 25 "Hands-on Rope Body Harness"

Bring lots of ropes! At the new Good Vibrations store. www.GoodVibes.com It's the same location as the old Grand Opening! Boutique

· April 26 "Hands-on Flogging Workshop"

Super improvement in just 2 hours! Bring your floggers if you have them. If not I'll have a few. At the new Good Vibrations store. www.GoodVibes.com It's the same location as the old Grand Opening! Boutique

· April 27 "Predicament Bondage"

for New England Leather Alliance www.nelaonline.org

· April 28 - 30, Weekend: "Women's Sensual Dominance Intensive"

Info at Boston Women's Intensive

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· April 28 - 30, Weekend: "Hands-on Flogging Workshop"

Super improvement in just 2 hours! Bring your floggers if you have them. If not I'll have a few. At the new Good Vibrations store. www.GoodVibes.com

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·May 4, My 40th Birthday!

•May 4, Come and join me for celebrating my fifth decade! I'll have a couple of fun things planned.
i. For a low key, casual social in Covent Garden drop me an e-mail and I'll send you an invite.
ii. Want to dress up in perv gear and party? Join me at Club Subversion. Location may change so stay tuned at Club Subversion I'm considering creating ornamental rope harnesses on that you can wear home with you. If I do this I'll just be charging for the cost of the rope. What do you think?

•May 7 - 17, Exclusive Classes for Coco De Mer Salons. Info at Coco De Mer
i. May 7, Sat, 2pm - 5pm: "Aural Sex: Seduction by Voice and Erotic Stories"
ii. May 8, Mon 7pm - 9pm: "The Sensual Whip: Hands-on Mastering the Flogger"
iii. May 9, Tue 7pm - 9pm: "Pleasures of Adventurous Sex: Love Bondage & light S&M"
iv. May 10, Wed 7pm - 9pm: "What Women Want (in bed): For Men"
v. May 14, Sun, 2pm - 5pm: "Hands-on Erotic Japanese Rope Bondage"
vi. May 15, Mon 7pm - 9pm: "Art of Feminine Dominance, Level 1"
vii. May 16, Tue 7pm - 9pm "Joy Stick Secrets: How to Please Your Man"
viii. May 17, Wed 7pm - 9pm "The Art of Flirting for Women and Men"

· May 19,Dungeon Hosting at Torture Garden's "Club Flesh"


· May 20,Performance with Kumi at Torture Garden!


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•Beyond that: Ottawa and Halifax (Canada), Palm Springs, AIDS LifeCycle Ride, LA. You can see more on my calendar at www.FHP-Inc.com

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If you love rope or want to understand why it's so hot for me, check this out. www.eros-zine.com

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