Sex on the Wilder Side: No Holds Barred

A class specifically designed for the undergraduate population and ideally suited for sexual health week, orientation, students groups as well as sexual minority groups. Midori creates a safe space for students to ask for information and resources to empower them to make safe and informed decision while addressing and reducing common fears, prejudice, misinformation and anxieties. Students will anonymously submit questions using question cards. Midori will address each question, using anotomical models, dolls, visual aids and age/population appropriate language.
Often promoted with cheeky, fun and enticing wordings, such as...
"Ask anything about sex! Really - anything. Strange? Fascinating? Kinky or wild? Want to know how to be a great lover and be great in bed?? Anonymously submit your questions and watch Midori share tricks, tips, tales of spectacular fail - she may even perform advice and skits with her trusted side-kicks."
*Note to administrators: "side-kicks" mentioned above are dolls.

suitable for everyone
2 hrs.