Pink Japan: Sex & Taboo Today

“An after hours travel channel guide for the socially intelligent and erotically curious”

What erotic adventures happen behind the closed doors of Japan? Come to this fascinating presentation and find out! From cuisine, music, fashion, technology to anime, Japan's cultural influences on the West is immense. In many ways the Japanese erotic cultures are also influencing today's Western tastes. Yet the daily realities of Japan's gender relations, sexual habits, sexual consumer culture and gay/lesbian/transgendered world remain hidden to us, creating an aura of mystique. In this funny and revealing talk, join Midori for a double-expatriate's photo tour of Japan's hidden sexual culture today. Come early to browse through her collection of naughty magazines, rare books, unusual flyers and other goodies from Japan. *NSFW with tons of humor and nerdy insights

Please welcome Midori. She’s a Kyoto born, Japanese-American author, sexuality educator and artist based in San Francisco. Raised by trail blazing professors in Japan, she's well versed with the contradiction that is 21st Century Japan. Graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in psychology and trained as a sex educator, she possesses a keen insight into culture and sexuality.

"Midori's Pink Japan presentation was full of detailed information about sexuality in contemporary Japan that we wouldn't get anywhere else, through the unique lens of Midori's own interests, expertise, and bi-cultural history. It’s an engaging and informational show." -- Carol Queen, Ph.D. Director, Center for Sex & Culture,

suitable for everyone
2 hrs.