Mapping Your D/s Archetype: Towards Successful D/s M/s Relationships

Do you crave D/s relationships? Do you want to improve your current M/s relationship and understand your partner better? How do we create successful and fulfilling D/s and M/s relationships? How do we find the best match and avoid disaster and broken hearts? What goes into creating effective protocol?
To answer these questions, first we must have a solid foundation and understanding of our own desires and D/s goals of our partners.
Long before protocol, contracts, expectations and collars come out, there's important work to be done. It's worth it!

This unique interactive class is designed to help D/s - M/s individuals, leather families as well as the curious to discover and discuss their own relationship archetypes. We'll begin to diagram the expectations, boundaries, goals, and priorities. for your current and future relationships.

Through this class you'll gather information necessary in creating effective protocols and the details of daily interactions. Individuals, couples, and multi-member relationships are all welcome. Be prepared to do some creative and hard work now to help reduce heartaches down the road!
Open to all experience level, genders and orientation.

This class is compatible as foundation for Passionate Bonds: Creating D/s Protocols weekend with Laura Antoniou and Midori

suitable for everyone
2 hrs.