Love & Lust Letters for Any Occasion

Use your words to capture their attention, inspire passion, declare your love, or set the stage for a naughty encounter and get their juices flowing. Weather digital or analog, whether it's to your longtime sweetheart, a desirable profile on a dating site, or a just-met hook up, your love and lust letter skills can boost your place in their heart and their bed.

Want to express your feelings, but just can't find the words? We have the solution! Midori created a fun, easy and funny formula with an easy to use matrix for writing a personal, mood-appropriate love and lust letter for the letter-writing-impaired. Midori, sex educator and erotic author extraordinaire, will teach you how to create your own romantic notes inspired by love and desire. This workshop will be appropriate for all with passion in their hearts. You'll work on several customized versions, from sweet to dirty - and in the end you'll have a love letters to take home!

Any one
1.5 hours