Insights into the Emerging Communities of Alternative Sexuality

In today's world more people are engaging in sexual practices previously considered unusual or marginalized. Fueled by the internet and greater social connectivity, new organizations and subcultures are emerging defined by shared interests in sexual affinity and practice. Everyday citizens from all walks of lives are part of these affinity-based communities, sharing
their own vocabulary, customs, non-traditional relationship structures and sexual practices.

As professionals who interface with such clients and patients, you need a solid foundation in understanding the ways and patois of their communities. This helps you to better understand their situation, establish communication and trust, and identify sources of stress, dysfunction and risk behavior.

Midori will share with you the most current overview of sexual affinity communities, their language and terminology, facades and reality of their practices, myths and truths, risk behaviors and trends. She has gathered information as a trusted sexuality educator serving the general population and many sexual minority communities since for the last 15 years.

Mental Health, Social Ser
2 hrs.