ForteFemme: Women's Dominance Weekend Intensive
Unleash your authentic power ~ from the bedroom to the boardroom.

Transformative. Unique. Indepth.

ForteFemme is a weekend-long, exclusive experience for nine women that elevates your authentic inner femme power.
You will learn the full scope of creating a fulfilling experience for you and your partner through exploring safe and effective techniques that cultivate play and pleasure.
The emphasis will be on understanding the psychological and emotional structure of joyous BDSM and practical strategies and tools for women with busy lives. Fortified with individual attention and guidance, Midori will guide you into a place of empowerment and confidence. It’s more than just technique or formulaic scripts.

It is desires fulfilled.

ForteFemme is for women of all orientations.
Whether you have none, some or a lot of experience in BDSM, this course will step you up to your personal next level of confidence!

Invest in your pleasure & confidence

No experience required
2.5 days