Beyond the Hype: What Fifty Shades of Grey Got Wrong

Find out the truth behind the hype in the best-seller Fifty Shades of Grey. Discover why this book touched nerves, positive and negative. Midori will debunk stereotypes and myths about one of the most popular books on the New York Times Best Seller List.
What's the book's social relevance? The actions taken in the books, are they realistic? Should real people actual do them? Can it be healthy or safe? Where is the line between consent and abuse? What's the psychological underpinnings behind these activities? What's the reality of actual practitioners?
For those who are curious, Midori will discuss practical realities of consent-based BDSM or role play explorations emphasizing safe practice, healthy boundary setting, negotiation strategies. She'll provide tips on asking and giving consent in fun and positive ways as well as encourage open and honest dialogue regarding sex and healthy relationships without shame.
You'll have an opportunity to ask her frank questions anonymously. You've been curious - now's the chance to ask an expert!

Midori is a sexuality educator, author and artist based in San Francisco. Known for her hilarious and practical classes on boosting confidence, expanding personal growth and enhancing sexual intelligence, Midori approaches presentations in thoughtful and no-nonsense ways.

Each program serves to educate the campus community about safer sex, clear consent, and to encourage members to make informed decisions regarding their bodies and relationships. Midori creates a safe space for students to ask for information and resources to empower them to make safe and informed decisions while addressing and reducing common fears, prejudice, misinformation and anxieties.

Midori will speak to some classes to share her expertise and knowledge with students studying professions that involve diversity and mental health and ethnic and gender studies. These appearances create avenues for students to interact with Midori on a more personal level and discuss pertinent issues related to sexuality, gender identity and creative expressions.

suitable for everyone
2 hrs.