Private Lessons + Coaching

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Customized sessions to learn specific skills, explore important relationship dynamics, and increase your confidence. Improve your awareness of and ability to communicate your desires and boundaries while working with Midori, who brings decades of experience, knowledge and compassion to achieve greater pleasure and joy. Available to individuals, couples, and poly folx.

Classes + Intensives

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Investing in your pleasure shouldn’t stop because the rules of the world have changed. Whether you want to elevate your kink skills, learn creative ways to increase shared pleasure, or to safely explore deliciously complex desires. Take a look at her [calendar] for upcoming online classes or [contact us] to discuss her teaching through your venue.

Patreon Community

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Midori’s Patreon community is one of her deepest pleasures. She shares regular writings, personal musings, artworks in progress, and special events with some of her incredible friends and colleagues. Take a look at her [Patreon page] and join her for office hours for all questions you’ve always wanted to ask her directly.

“I came away learning much more than I ever expected to about myself. This wasn’t just about technical skills, but changing my own mental frameworks of sex and dominance.”

ForteFemme Alumni

I walked in wanting to learn more about dominance, and walked out with a new way of relating to the world.”

ForteFemme Alumni

“This experience has been meaningful for us and, after 10 years together, helped us to find new and different forms to establish communication, confidence and trust.”

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Hear about upcoming events, read her latest work, and get a glimpse behind the scenes...

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Thoughtful training for adventurous adults.